GetzenRodeo is our last major Extreme Enduro of 2014. So here’s a bumper edition pictorial look back at just about everything that went down in Germany…

a. getzen-sign GetzenRodeo 0035

The fifth edition of the GetzenRodeo will long be remembered as a great one. The weather was perfect. Spectators came in their thousands. The racing was awesome. The beer tent, well, there’s not too much we remember about that!

b.bridge GetzenRodeo 0051

This photo isn’t so much about the bridge – although it was a cool bridge. It’s about the guy who gave us a double thumbs up. Just about everyone we met at the GetzenRodeo had the exact same happy/smiling demeanour as this guy. 

c.hill GetzenRodeo 0007

Parts of the track were gnarly, seriously gnarley. This is the hill that send Jonny Walker (and many others) crashing to the ground.  Although the track wasn’t long, it had more than enough sections that made life seriously challenging for the riders.

d.hill GetzenRodeo 0015

Down it in the qualifying race. Up it in the final!

e.sponsor GetzenRodeo 0011

They make fork lift trucks… obviously.

f.simson GetzenRodeo 0027

If you’ve never heard of a Simson, Google it. NB: It’s not the same as Bart’s surname – there’s no ‘P’.

g.ktm-fans GetzenRodeo 0142

GetzenRodeo is run down the road from where the 2012 ISDE was held. Everyone who came along to watch the race had a real interest in what was going on. Extreme Enduro’s top riders were treated like royalty by their adoring fans.

h.exhaust-guard GetzenRodeo 0421

One of the most committed home ‘mods’ you’re ever likely to see. Our guess is some riders knew they were going to do some serious damage to their bikes.

i.jonny.walker GetzenRodeo 0123

Jonny Walker wears blue tights under his race pants. They match the colour of his eyes. Aaahhhh.

l.barrier-covers GetzenRodeo 0031

Simple. Effective. Appropirate.

m.graham.jarvis GetzenRodeo 0284

This is Graham Jarvis’ ‘game face’. 

n. GetzenRodeo 0439

The procedure for the start was simple. Some music would play, at the end of which a canon would fire signalling the start of the race. Only things didn’t play out that way. Some dick set off a very loud fire cracker and the race was on. 

p.crash GetzenRodeo 0523

Some people crashed going up the hills…

s.spectators GetzenRodeo 0699

When we say there were thousands of spectators we mean it. 

t.walker--jarvis GetzenRodeo 1191

Cameraphones at the ready folks. There wasn’t much to separate Walker & Jarvis early on in the main race. Jarvis found the form that wasn’t with him at Extreme Lagares and got the hammer down soon after this photo was taken. Jonny ran into a few cooling issue, which put an end to his hopes of challenging Grimbo.

u.manni.lettenbichler GetzenRodeo 0967

Manni Lettenbichler – Letti’s son – is a seriousy tough 16-year-old. He finished a few laps short of the top six but again showed that when he’s got a few years experience under his belt he’s going to be leading the ‘next generation’ charge.

v.marcus.kehr GetzenRodeo 0831

Home favourite Marcus Kehr finished ninth in the main event. Or first in the ‘I’m not a former trials rider’ competition.

w.steam GetzenRodeo 0942

Jan Peters wasn’t the only rider to give GetzenRodeo 2014 the thumbs up.

w1.crash GetzenRodeo 0756

Remember the guy who made his own exhaust guard?

w2.ben.hemingway GetzenRodeo 0894

Ben Hemingway claimed fifth. His brother Dan ate shit in the qualifying race. Lucky not to have busted anything, he wasn’t too worried he sat out the final, despite claiming the 12th and final qualifying spot.

x.andreas.lettenbichler GetzenRodeo 1394

Letti hauled ass during the qualifying race to place second behind Jonny. He then held off Alfredo Gomez in the main event to secure a well-deserved third.

y.podium GetzenRodeo 1438

Getting busy with the fizzy.

z.closed-until-2016 GetzenRodeo 1426

Sadly there isn’t a GetzenRodeo in 2015. But GetzenRodeo 2016 is already in our diary… GetzenRodeo 1516

These guys and girls literally got the party started. They rocked.

3.jonny.walker GetzenRodeo 1519

2014 Extreme Enduro European Cup winner Jonny Walker (with his ‘let’s party’ face) GetzenRodeo 1489

Yes that is Graham Jarvis, and yes he was awarded a bolwer hat. Note also that the winners were awarded pancake making saucepans. Gotta love it.

1.end-of-the-night GetzenRodeo 1524

Everything became a little blurry during the after party!