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The Endurotyres guide to Michelin BMX tyres

Michelin’s range of BMX tyres provides the perfect compound to up your riding skills. Designed for race use, they also work brilliantly in freestyle situations in indoor/outdoor skate parks.

Our BMX guide will provide you with some top tips on what to look out for when purchasing new tyres, our own personal experience of using Michelin BMX tyres and how you can get your hands on them with speedy next day delivery. 

How do BMX tyres differ from MTB tyres?

The design on a BMX tyre is completely different to that of a MTB tyre, so it’s important that you choose the right one for the type of riding you are doing and the terrain you will be riding on. Generally speaking, BMX tyres are made to perform best on man made terrains and covering short distances, whereas MTB and built to last long distance on tougher, natural ground. 

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Why choose Michelin for BMX tyres?

As always, with all Michelin tyres, it’s the tyre compound that stands out against its competitors and this is no different for the new Michelin BMX tyre range

The Michelin BMX tyres come in 2 types, the Pilot SX Slick and the Pilot SX. Both feature a robust three-layer 60 TPI casing to resist damage, improve durability and cope with tyre pressures of up to 5 bars.

The main difference between the 2 tyres in the range is that the Pilot SX has been developed for racing on soft tracks or in autumn/winter conditions and the SX Slick tyres feature a marked and very shallow tread pattern which is suitable for racing on hard tracks or in the spring/summer time. 

Insane grip

One of the key features you will be looking for in a good BMX tyre is good grip, especially on the back tyre, whilst the Michelin BMX tyres are not front and rear specific, we can ensure that they provide insane grip! 

Tubeless ready 

The final benefit of the Michelin BMX tyres are that they are tubeless ready – this is a good feature to check on your BMX tyres as this can drastically minimise the weight of the tyre, which reduces rolling resistance for optimum performance. Fortunately, for those of you that haven’t converted to tubeless (you really should by the way), they are still suitable for standard inner tubes too! 

Testing out the new Michelin Pilot SX tyres… 

Both tyres in the Michelin Pilot range are made specifically for BMX racing, although will still perform brilliantly on skate park type terrains too. We tested them on our old school 1979 De-Coster bike… here’s our review: 

This is a game changer in BMX, every BMX racer strives to have the lightest bike and now with tubeless technology and compound choice BMX racers now have the ability to get the exact set up for individually tracks and weather conditions. Some racer’s now have a second wheelset available for when the track changes towards the end of day before finals.

Buy Michelin BMX tyres from Endurotyres 

Both the Michelin Pilot SX and Michelin Pilot SX Slick are available to purchase online from Endurotyres from £47.99. 

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