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The latest off road product releases this autumn

With the majority of the big comps now over for this season, such as the British Enduro Champs for our Enduro junkies, and Pedalhounds for our downhill riders, we’ve been

With the majority of the big comps now over for this season, such as the British Enduro Champs for our Enduro junkies, and Pedalhounds for our downhill riders, we’ve been getting some new products in ready for it all to begin again next year. 

There are some pretty big releases happening towards the end of this year (some of which we can’t say too much about right now), so in this article, we cover some of our latest ‘New in’ products, plus, what you can expect to see hitting our online shop before Christmas! 


When you think of Rabaconda products, you probably mainly think of the hugely popular tyre changer that pretty much every rider (that knows what he’s doing) has in his tool shed, but did you know we stock a wide range of other official Rabaconda products? 

Motorcycle pit mats

A couple of the latest products to hit our online shop are 2 new Rabaconda pit mats. It’s crazy how many people we see at events who have just spent £300 on their tyre changer, and then chuck a piece of old carpet under it when changing their tyres… you need to show your tyre changer some love people! 

The environmental motorcycle pit mat is our top choice, its oil, gas and chemical-resistant and is big enough that you can keep everything in one place when you’re tyre changing. You’ll also avoid your tyre changer slipping around the floor as it’s got a rubberised backside. Check out the additional benefits of the environmental pit mat or pick one up here

Price: £57.00 with FREE next day delivery.

The other Rabaconda pit mat we sell is a smaller option, but comes with all the benefits of the environmental mat. Shop this product here.

Price: £27.99 with FREE next day delivery.

We are also now selling the tyre changer, our service kit and the environmental mat as part of a combo deal, saving you some money and giving you all the expert kit you need! 

Shop the combo deal here for £369.99 with FREE next day delivery.

Michelin Tracker 140 

You are probably well aware of the Michelin Tracker range by now, but if not, it’s a great selection of tyres for riders who are looking for road legal tyres that still have great off road capabilities. However, one tyre has been absent from the range and we can finally announce that we have it IN STOCK! 

The Michelin 140/80 – 18 has been out of stock since the range was released, but it’s one of the most requested tyres we have on our site. Don’t be fooled in thinking this is the right tyre for you though… 

Don’t forget the Michelin 140 Tracker is a road-legal MX knobbly tyre, so it is sized differently than a conventional 140 Enduro tyre (such as the Michelin Medium).

Basically, a 120 Tracker will be the equivalent of a 140 FIM Enduro tyre. So, if a 120 Tracker is as wide as a 140 Enduro, why make a 140 Michelin Tracker and who’s it for?

The 140 tracker is really for a 3.5” rim so is much better suited for big trail bikes like the 690-701, yes you can fit it to your 350-450 Enduro bike but it will give it a more rounded profile. KTM recommends 26psi on road for the 690, so make sure you’re running higher pressures if doing road work to help the life of the tyre.

If you still think this is the tyre for you, buy online here.

Price: £53.64 with £10 next day delivery 

Michelin Starcross 5 Junior 

If you’re interested in the Starcross 5 Junior range that’s coming soon, you will probably already be using the Starcross 5 tyre yourself, or already buy the Starcross 3 for your upcoming mini champion. 

We’re expecting big things from this new range as it’s been a while since Michelin have released a new junior range, so we think it’s much needed.

Developed for 50cc to 150cc bikes, young riders will benefit from the same level of performance and durability that the adult Michelin StarCross 5 provides, these benefits include: 

  • Improved grip 
  • Optimised performance 
  • Extremely durable 

Keep an eye out for the official release coming very soon. 

Price: Unknown, coming late Autumn 2019 

Michelin Enduro Xtrem

Do you compete in extreme races and practice days that require a huge level of technical ability at a very slow speed? If you answered yes to this question then we may have just made your life much easier! 

Michelin is due to release the Michelin Enduro Xtrem tyre anytime soon. Think of it as a super-soft version of the existing Michelin Medium tyre. 

The development hours that have gone into getting this tyre right have been insane, it needed to still be extra grippy and last for the length of the ride, but provide exceptional performance. Well, as per usual, Michelin hasn’t let us down, this tyre is quite literally extreme! 

The world’s best extreme riders have been using the Enduro Xtrem tyre and were not disappointed, including world champion, Graham Jarvis! Keep an eye out on the general release date and more details to follow. 

Price: £99.62, coming late Autumn 2019 

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With so many exciting products coming soon, it’s the perfect time to browse our site and start stocking up for the next season. 

If you have any questions about our products, get in touch here, or call us on 01723 344782. Don’t forget to check out the ‘Ranges’ menu for full details on our tyres, including FAQs, technical information and testimonials. 

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram pages for when the new products are released.