The mountain bike accessories you’ll be needing this Winter

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The mountain bike accessories you’ll be needing this Winter

Wintry weather can scare many mountain bike riders off, to the point that during the cold season they hang their bike in the garage. If the sound of cold, frost,

Wintry weather can scare many mountain bike riders off, to the point that during the cold season they hang their bike in the garage. If the sound of cold, frost, or even snow doesn’t put you off, ensuring you’ve got the right mountain bike accessories and gear to keep you and your bike upright is the first place to start.

This article outlines the top mountain bike accessories you’ll be needing to help enjoy your rides over frosted trails, on snow, and even in sub-zero temperatures.

Step one: The essentials

Although we’re a little biased when it comes to choosing Michelin mountain bike tyres (they are the best!), being a skilled mountain bike rider takes much more than the tyres you use to ride. Getting yourself kitted out with the appropriate gear is not only the best way to enjoy your winter rides, but it can save you from getting yourself into difficult situations.

  • Clothing – The key is layers. We recommend you bring a backpack so you can add and take layers off to suit you. Wear a base layer (maybe a limited edition Endurotyres t-shirt?), a mid-layer, a fleece and a packable waterproof jacket if possible – then you can de-layer as you warm up. Waterproof socks and thermals under baggy shorts or trousers will also help you keep warm.
  • Get gloves – …and don’t take them off for the rest of the year! Not during the ride. Not while you’re fixing a flat tyre. Not while you’re eating dinner round your nan’s… Hands down (excuse the pun), gloves are the best thing you’ll buy this season. If you’ve already got a pair of mountain biking gloves that you wear year-round, invest in a pair designed not just for grip, but to keep you warm.
  • Goggles – The idea of wearing goggles may seem a little excessive at first, but when you’re spitting up mud left, right and centre, you’ll thank your lucky stars that you brought them. Just make sure you’ve got clear lenses so you can still see where you’re going – always a crucial part of riding a mountain bike we find.

Step two: Getting technical

All the clothing tips might seem quite obvious, so if you’ve got that base covered, we might be able to help you out with some of the more technical mountain bike gear.

  • Dynaplug Racer – When riding tubeless, the last thing you want is a hole in the tyre that’s too big for the sealant to plug. This is especially the case when you’re riding through snow or mud and can’t see what you’re putting your tyres through. This essential tool allows you to quickly and easily repair your tyre by the road or trailside and get back on your way in no time. Purchase online here.
  • CushCore Bead Dropper – New in 2020, the CushCore Bead Dropper is the ultimate tyre lever and should be a core accessory for any mountain bike rider. CushCore claims the sturdy green lever is strong enough to lever downhill tyres without an issue and won’t scratch rims, even if you really give it some clout! So when you’re dying to get back to the comforts of a warm home, this is the tool that will help you get there quicker. Purchase online here.
  • Enties Marana Shoes – If you’re a rider that lacks confidence in muddy conditions we recommend that a good flat pedal and shoe combination for winter can really help, even if you’re a rider who wears clipless pedals for the rest of the year. The ability to have that quick dab when things get slidey can save you from those annoying crashes. No only that but flat pedals really help to perfect some of the basic fundamental skills that can sometimes get forgotten. Learning things like Jumps, bunny hops and Manuals on flats will for sure benifit you’re riding when transitioning back to clipless pedals when things begin to dry up. Purchase online here.

Step Three: All the gear and no idea?

If you’re still not sure what you’ll need this season, why not have a browse of our site yourself? As pro mountain bike riders ourselves, we’ve got you covered for all your mountain bike needs;

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