The Not So Obvious Tips that Every Beginner Mountain Biker Needs to Know

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  • The Not So Obvious Tips that Every Beginner Mountain Biker Needs to Know

The Not So Obvious Tips that Every Beginner Mountain Biker Needs to Know

To be a successful mountain biker, it’s not enough to just have a fancy bike and a good set of Michelin mountain bike tyres. Carrying speed through technical sections, climbing

To be a successful mountain biker, it’s not enough to just have a fancy bike and a good set of Michelin mountain bike tyres. Carrying speed through technical sections, climbing steep hills, and navigating roots and rocks are part of almost every off-road ride. So to help you tackle the turns without ending up over the handlebars, you must also possess a certain degree of technical riding ability.

The below tips aim to help you to improve your mountain biking skills, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned professional.

Brush up on basic repairs

Because of the rugged nature of most terrains, damage to your bike tends to happen more when you’re riding off road than they do on the road. Tubeless tyre technology (like our CushCore Tyre Suspension System) has helped minimise, but not eliminate flats, however other issues can arise.

So brush up on some basic repairs to be sure you can still carry on with your ride, even when something breaks. At a minimum, you should know how to fix a broken chain, replace a bent or cracked derailleur and repair a puncture – There are plenty of online tutorials that can help you get started!

Don’t forget about strength training

Mountain biking is a physical sport and requires the engagement of many more muscles than just your legs. A strong upper body and core are critical, especially as the trails become more challenging. Focus on a strong grip, arms, shoulders and trunk to make it safely through tough trails. If you want to be a serious rider, you may want to complete separate workouts targeting these areas off the bike too.

Keep a good riding form

One of the most important aspects of riding you can learn is how to keep a good form. This will not only stop you from falling off as much, but it’ll help you conquer the most challenging routes.

  • Stay loose – Your bike’s job is to roll over technical terrain. Your job is to let your bike do its job. That means keeping your body loose, so it can move beneath you. Hover your butt off the saddle when riding over obstacles like roots and rocks. The more technical the terrain, the more room your bike needs to move.
    Maintain momentum – Momentum is your best friend out there, maintain it whenever you can. So even if it feels quite scary, speeding up is often the best thing to do when the trail gets tricky.
  • Shift your weight – You’re likely to hit some extreme terrain, including steep inclines and declines. When climbing a tough pitch, shift your weight forward to keep your centre of gravity over the rear wheel to maintain traction.
  • Keep your fingers on your handlebars – If you keep your fingers over the brakes (and I know it’s easy to do because we all get nervous and want to be able to slow down immediately), you’ll go over a tiny drop and flinch. When you do, you’ll end up grabbing your front brake and fly right over your handlebars – and trust us, you don’t want that! Keep your hands lightly on your handlebars to keep your position more secure.

If you can’t ride a section of trail, keep trying!

Don’t be afraid to stop and redo technical sections of your ride. Maybe it’s a steep downhill, rocky climb, or tight corner that keeps throwing you off. Analyse the section and work on line choice and trying new positions on your bike until you clear it. The only way to get better is to ride outside of your comfort zone.

You’ll also need to learn to get comfortable in the air as there are off-road rides including rock drops, ledges, jumps and other features that can take your tyres off of the ground. Start small and work your way up. Work on pulling your front tyre off the ground and carrying your speed through the landing. It’s usually not as scary as it seems!

You’re only as good as your gear…

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