The Trans Euro Trail: Your guide to off road bike trails |

The Trans Euro Trail: Your guide to off road bike trails

The Trans Euro Trail (TET) is a motorcycle journey that comprises of over 38,000km of dirt road from all around Europe, and the UK route circles Salisbury Plain, which we are lucky enough to be just 1km away from! Here’s some information on these off ride bike trails and how you can get involved.

Who can take part in the TET?

Any Trail rider who is ready to take on the adventure! You will experience various different cultures and countries, with a diverse range of incredible landscapes to test your limits to the max.

How should I prepare for the off road bike trails?

Here are some of our recommendations if you plan to take on the TET…

  • Firstly, plan your route
  • Decide on what accommodation you will be using, local B&B’s, hostels, or camping.
  • Read the forums to hear about other people’s experiences
  • Get the right equipment, including tyres, you can find our selection of trail tyres here.

Where does the UK route take me?

Starting in the South of the UK in Newhaven, you will fairly quickly reach us in Salisbury, where you can visit Stonehenge, you will then make your way up to Bristol, through Wales, past Snowdonia, up to the Peak District, the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District then making your way to finish off at Newcastle Upon Tyne. If you would like more information on the off road bike trails and routes, you can visit the main website here.

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What other countries will I see?

You can basically see the whole of Europe, there are 2 routes you can take, which will lead to you seeing a varied amount of countries. These include; Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, Poland and many more!

How long will it take me?  

It’s hard to put a time limit on it as very few people do the whole trail at once. Most people who take on the TET will split the routes into sections and do it over a few years. However, if you are planning to do the full UK trail, then giving yourself around 2 weeks is the recommended time to complete it in.

How do you keep on track?

The official TET website recommends that you use a GPS device or app to navigate the trails. If you are planning to ride the TET, there are plenty of forums and advice pages which you can find here.

Are you riding the UK route?

If you are riding the UK route, we would love to see you! Stop by and have a coffee, use our rest facilities and if you’re an overseas rider we may even buy you a sandwich. We know Salisbury Plain like the back of our hands so would be great to hear your off road bike trail experiences and hear how you are getting on!  

Good luck!