TOUGH ONE 2015 – NANTMAWR QUARRY has learned that the 2015 edition of The Tough One, scheduled for March 7th, will take place at the event’s historical home – Nantmawr Quarry…

Celebrating its 10th birthday this year with a one-off race at Hawkstone Park, WOR Events are set to bring the event – Europe’s second major Hard Enduro event of the year after Hell’s Gate in Italy – back to the place where it all started in 2004. The event will also see a return to a night-time finish. spoke to WOR Events Steve Ireland to learn more about the 2015 Tough One…

Steve, we understand the event’s moving back to Nantmawr, is that true?

Steve Ireland: “Yes, I’m absolutely delighted to be taking the 2015 Tough One back to its rightful home, Nantmawr Quarry. After lots of changes by the landowners it looked like the end for us there forever, but a bit of negotiating has resulted in the event heading back where it belongs – inside that iconic Nantmawr Quarry. Nowhere in the country can match the spectator experience and electric atmosphere of that place, especially in the dark.”

So next year will see a return to Nantmawr Quarry, but what were your thoughts on this year’s event at Hawkstone Park?

Steve: “It was absolutely brilliant to once again have the UK’s top extreme event as a part of the prestigious Red Bull Hard Enduro schedule. But the 2014 Tough One left me feeling a little flat – Hawkstone Park just didn’t live up to the spirit of Hard Enduro. Yes, it was a great race – Knighter’s come back and result was sensational – and the facilities were great, but the nature of the terrain and general comments from most of the riders and spectators alike was that it wasn’t quite right for a Hard Enduro event. It’s something we wanted to try, but the atmosphere and tension disappeared towards the end of the race.”

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Was Hawkstone always planned as a one-off?

Steve: “Hawkstone was initially picked as the place to go for the Tough One in 2014 because I had nowhere else to take it. It’s such a big ask to try and replace a venue like Nantmawr. With the quarry looking sold and finished, I just took the decision on running at Hawkstone Park. It was sort of my only option. I didn’t want to go anywhere that was ‘like’ Nantmawr, to try and copy the venue.”

What details can you reveal about the 2015 Tough One?

Steve: “The 2015 Tough One will run on Saturday March 7th. I’m proud to say it will again be a part of the Red Bull Hard Enduro tour (round two). Expect it to be harder, tougher, and more gruelling. The Pro and Expert races will return to darkness for the last hour, which is something that will inject real excitement. There will be several races throughout the day catering for all the classes. The Sportsman race will be 2 hours, the clubman race 2 hours and of course the main Pro race will be 3 hours. The track will have lots of old favourites as well as some new stuff.”


Anything else riders or spectators need to know?

Steve: “Obviously space is restricted within the quarry, but the positives well outweigh the negatives. The 2015 Tough One will be pretty exclusive for both riders and spectators, with only 100 pre sold entries available and only 350 vehicle tickets (again pre booked/sold) available to get in. It’ll be a case of going back to the old format of filling cars for best value. Entries and tickets will be available in the very near future from”