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Trail Riding on Salisbury Plain

Our location for trail riding on Salisbury plain couldn’t be better. We are easy to find just 1 mile from A303 Solstice Service Roundabout Amesbury Nr Stonehenge.

At  “Rangers Corner” we have Fast food, Tesco Express, Cashpoint, Esso Fuel on site. By prior arrangement and at owners risk we can accommodate small vans and trailers, and with our local knowledge advise on the best by-ways, which are on our doorstep.

The Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) measures around 94,000 acres – an area about the size of the Isle of Wight. This includes roads and stone tracks as well as the many (but NOT all) unsurfaced Chalk tracks which can be driven on as designated byways or Rights of Way. These Rights of Way are less than two miles from our Garage, and can be easily identified on Ordnance Survey maps. If you own a 4×4 vehicle or an “off road motorcycle” you will need to be “road legal” to drive on these byways, in the same manner as you would on any other road. Don’t stray into any Red flag Areas, and please slow down for Horse riders, Livestock and Dog Walkers. The Chalk Byways can be very dusty in Summer, and extremely slippery in Winter.




The Trans Euro Trail (TET) goes through Salisbury Plain! You can read our article on how to prepare yourself for the off road trails here.

Trans euro trail

Find out more about TET through the official website here, and see the map below showing the Salisbury route.

Trans Euro Trail

Salisbury Plain Training Area head quarters 01980 674679

MOD Firing Times 01980 674763

Below is a link to a video that explains about the bylaws of riding on Salisbury Plain:

Below is a copy of the  SPTA  Green laning Practice guide, copies of which we have available in our reception .



We support the TRF Code of conduct , for responsible Trail riding. To find out more visit .

Wiltshire TRF group is very active, if your a TRF member we suggest you make contact with them as they have extensive knowledge of the Plain, if you are not a TRF member then why not?


Less than two miles from nearest by-way on Salisbury Plain.


Parkhouse Hotel is a pleasantly converted 17th Century former Coaching Inn conveniently located on the A338 close to the A303 near the Wiltshire and Hampshire border, near Amesbury. Our family-run accommodation provides easy access to many towns and places of interest including being one of the closest Hotels to the historical site of Stonehenge only 7 miles away and also near to Thruxton Racing Circuit only 3 miles away.