Using a Rabaconda Mousse Changer |

Using a Rabaconda mousse changer

What is a Rabaconda mousse changer?

The Rabaconda is the most advanced mousse changer equipment available to riders. If you watch any Youtube clips from World Enduro or MX you will notice virtually every team chooses Rabaconda as it’s incredibly easy to use and makes what can be a tricky, fiddly job very simple.

With a Rabaconda mousse changer, the process can be completed in just 3 minutes. After just a few tries, the most novice of rider can become a master at mousse changing!

Benefits of using a Rabaconda

As well as being a rapid solution for changing mousse or tyres, using a Rabaconda mousse changer has a number of other benefits.

  1. It is lightweight and folds away in a small bag so it can easily be stored and transported as opposed to traditional mousse boards.
  2. Easy to assemble – no tools are necessary to set-up the equipment.
  3. Extends the life of bib-mousse – being able to easily get to your bib-mousse means that they can be checked and cleaned easily, reducing any unwanted friction.
  4. Versatile – the Rabaconda isn’t specifically for bib-mousse, if you use other inner tubes the Rabaconda will still work.
  5. Anyone can use it – from newcomer to professional, once you’ve had a few attempts and got the hang of the process, it becomes second nature!

Technical Tips

The Rabaconda mousse changer is suitable for various tyre sizes, ranging from 18” to 21”. To help you with the process, we suggest using at least 5 tyre levers. Check out our genuine Michelin tyre levers or our pattern levers are a suitable alternative.

The process

Using a Rabaconda mousse changer is very simple, just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Assemble the Rabaconda kit
  • Place your wheel on the mousse changer
  • Press down the arm to push in the tyre so you can position tyre levers
  • Support the tyre with your knee, then lever the tyre to loosen the rim lock
  • Flip the tyre and use the arm to push the tyre over rim lock
  • Remove the mousse for cleaning or replacing

To fix the tyre with new or cleaned mousse back onto the wheel all you have to do is:

  • Reposition the wheel on the mousse changer and support with knee inserting tyre levers to ease part of tyre on
  • Position lever next to the rim lock and gradually guide the tyre bead down

If you didn’t get it from that, you can watch how it’s done below!

If you would like to learn more about using a Rabaconda mousse changer or would like to enquire about a purchase, contact us on 01980 655555.