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Victory For Knight At 2013 Scorpion Masters

Victory For Knight At 2013 Scorpion Masters

Beating a host of world-class international talent, David Knight kept his nerve at the International Paul Ricard Circuit in France to win the 2013 Scorpion Masters.

In front of 10,000 spectators Knight beat 30 of the world’s best riders across all disciplines of enduro, trials, supermoto and road racing to secure the prestigious victory.

“I’ve had a brilliant day here in France and winning it has made it even better,” told Knight.

“With so many great riders taking part I really didn’t expect to win this year as I have not ridden any other bike except my enduro bike for months.”

Opening the event with trials, Knight got off to a great start. In a sport that the Manxman grew up in, Knight got his morning off to the best possible start by finishing third behind the two trials world champions present.

Next up was enduro but with five top enduro riders taking part it was important to get a good time. Catching a slower rider in a narrow, twisty part of the track cost David a few seconds but his time was still good enough to place third behind Johnny Aubert and Ivan Cervantes.


“The trial went great – I even surprised myself. Oddly the enduro was my most disappointing. I caught a slower rider just when I didn’t need to and got held up. I then hit a rock passing him and messed up the next few turns. I was glad to get third and finish only one second behind runner-up Cervantes.”

Despite a bit of last minute gearing changes, Knight still managed to end the Supermoto race it in seventh. Entering the lunch break as the overall leader of the race he needed two good results in the final two road races to win the event outright.

But with heavy rain ensuring a wet race, it would be a nervous time for all as riders slithered their way around the track. Fairing well in the difficult conditions, Knight placed ninth in race one and tenth in race two to secure the 2013 Scorpion Masters title.

“I normally enjoy the road racing event the most but the rain made it tough. The track was slick and I’ve never ridden one in the wet in my life. I was feeling good and staying with some fast guys but when a couple of them had big moments or crashed in front of me I backed down a little. I took it safe and got two good results, which gave me the overall win.

“It’s great to have won. I love this event, it’s the most fun and friendly race of the year and I can’t wait to go back next year. Thanks to the organisers and sponsors for a brilliant weekend.”