VILLOPOTO TO RACE 2015 ISDE - Enduro Tyres


Enduro21 has learned that Ryan Villopoto is seriously considering racing the 2015 ISDE in Slovakia. Already set to be in Europe next year it’s understood that he will take a little time out from his motocross commitments to race the six days…

“It’s an event Ryan would do well at,” commented Brian, a man with a name similar to Ryan. “He’s an awesome ruts rider, and most people are expecting there’ll be lots of ruts in Slovakia. He’ll be awesome – a real surprise package given the right machinery.”

The bike the-most-awesomest-rider-of-nearly-all-time will race is not yet known. But speculation is rife that it’ll either be a mid-90s Jeff Fredett’s KDX or something else, most likely fitted with Bark Busters and an auto-clutch.

Believed to be super-pumped about the prospect of visiting Slovakia next September, sorcerers close to the rider that’s won lots of indoor races lately believe that he’ll have the 2015 MXGP title wrapped up and will be free to follow his heart and race in the woods.

“There won’t be any clashes with other races, even if Ryan hasn’t managed to win the MXGP title by then. Ryan’s a big deal, he knows people, knows people who know people, and has people who know people. A championship schedule is never really fixed, I’m sure things will get switched up to allow Ryan to race the six days.”

As is often the case, no sooner had Enduro21 learned about Villopoto’s plans to race six days the conspiracy theorists were already busy doing the math, putting two and two together and coming up with completely crazy nonsense.

“Everything Ryan has planned for 2015 – the move to Europe, racing the six days, it’s all about Dakar. It’s just amazing no one can see that. It’s so f**king obvious,” commented someone. “If Ryan can get his head around fries with mayonnaise while in Europe then he’s as good as ready for Dakar. Everyone knows the culinary challenges the event throws up are way harder to deal with than any other aspect of the event.

“He’s super adaptable so no one doubts that by January 2016 he’ll be ready for spit-roast Alpaca, or whatever the hell it is they eat in the Dakar bivouac every night. The ISDE is simply about adjusting to a bike with a light on the front of it, just like his Dakar machine will have…”