You probably already know next week is Romaniacs week… here’s what Erzberg winner Jonny Walker has to say ahead of the Hard Enduro rally.

With your Red Bull Hare Scramble win at Erzberg fresh in everyone’s mind, do you feel any added pressure to beat Graham Jarvis – the Romaniacs champion?

JW: “I don’t feel any added pressure. That’s not me. Each race is a new race and in my mind Erzberg is done and dusted – it doesn’t really matter now in terms of what will happen in Romania. This is my third time going to Romaniacs so I want to fight for the win and to do that I know I’ve got to beat Graham.”

Jarvis starts as the defending champion but who else have you got your eye on?

JW: “Andreas Lettenbichler is going to be fast. And he’s also one of the most experienced guys in the race. He’s won it before and he’s capable of doing it again. Guys like Chris Birch, Paul Bolton and David Knight, they’re going to be in the mix too – it’s not a clear cut race.”

Have you changed your preparations in any way to be ready for Romaniacs?

JW: “Competing in the Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt was a big help. It was great to get some Romanian race miles under my belt before the big one. Overall, I feel it went well. I made some mistakes but I also won two of the three days so I’m pleased about that. I think between the HEPN and having two years of experience at Romaniacs I’ll be ready to fight for the win from the word go.”

jonny.walker romaniacs 2013 4500 C32B8256Will it be third time lucky for Walker at Romaniacs?

What have you learned over the last two years at Romaniacs that will help you next week?

JW: “Patience. In a race as long as the Romaniacs sometimes you’ve got to know when to be patient. In the past I’ve been over eager and made some bad decisions. Taking a moment to check a line choice might cost you a few seconds but getting it right could save you minutes. It’s four days of hard riding. You can’t really win it on the first day, but you can definitely lose it.”

The infamous Sibiu prologue kicks things off on Tuesday July 15th, what’s it like to ride a course as crazy as that?

JW: “I love the Romaniacs Prologue. It’s a blast to ride. When you first walk it you think to yourself ‘there’s no way that’s possible’ but somehow you get it done. Last year the race was crazy, the size of the crowd watching was insane. Paul Bolton just beat me across the finish line but this year I want that prologue title back!”

Finally, do you think 2014 will be third time lucky for you at Red Bull Romaniacs?

JW: “I certainly hope so. I’m riding better than I have in a long time and I’ve got the fitness, machinery and backing to get it done. I want my first Romaniacs win…” 

jonny.walker Erzberg 2014 2643With the win at Erzberg to his credit, Walker’s confident of challenging Mr Romaniacs – Graham jarvis