Beta’s Cody Webb wins the 2014 KENDA Tennessee Knockout, fuelled by Monster Energy and presented by Moose Racing and SRT

The victory marks his second consecutive win at the TKO. FMF KTM’s Taylor Robert and Grant Baylor finished second and third respectively. 

For the second year in a row, the extremely tough course was made more difficult by an afternoon thunder shower. But Webb excelled in the challenging conditions and won all four segments. Easily the rider to beat Webb set the fastest time in the Hot Lap, first knockout round, second knockout head to head qualifier and the fifteen rider main event.

“The day went really well – honestly it couldn’t have gone any better” Webb said. “The rain almost made the course more fun for me. It was really tough. It got really dark under the canopy in the trees and I started making a lot of mistakes so I just slowed down, found good lines and really enjoyed the challenge.” 

With Webb in top form, Robert had to play second best on the day. Setting the second fastest times in the Hot Lap and knockout one before winning his group in knockout two.

526d86cc-f70a-41d8-8836-574128e78354© Shan Moore

“I got second all day to Cody so I guess I need to work on my Trials skills,” told Robert. “But I had a good time and the second race was really fun. It started raining in the middle of the race and kind of slowed things down and made it way more technical. The final was just nasty, five laps on some of the slipperiest stuff you can imagine.” 

Grant Baylor – who finished tenth in his first attempt at the TKO in 2013 – improved dramatically to take third.

“It was a lot better than last year because I knew what to expect coming into it” Baylor said. “I was second at the start in the main and let Taylor pass me and tried to tag along with him. Max Gerston was close the whole time so it was challenging”. 

6f6291f5-fd77-42e6-8a1d-69a08c3d6eca© Shan Moore

2014 KENDA Tennessee Knockout Results

1.    Cody Webb          Beta

2.    Taylor Robert        KTM

3.    Grant Baylor         KTM

4.    Bobby Prochnau    KTM

5.    Max Gerston         Beta

6.    Wally Palmer        Christini

7.    Paul Whibley         Yamaha

8.    Ricky Russell        Yamaha

9.    Zach Love              KTM

10.    Kyle Redmond     KTM

11.    Ty Tremaine        KTM

12.    Mark Fortner        Beta

13.    Nick Davis           KTM

14.    Kailub Russell      KTM

15.    Troy DeSimone    KTM