WELSH 2 DAY ENDURO 2015 - Enduro Tyres



New terrain for 2015 as the Welsh 2 Day Enduro draws near

Preparations for next month’s Welsh 2 Day Enduro – one of the longest running events on the off road calendar – are well underway.

Europe’s largest single lap enduro event, situated in the heart of Wales features fresh terrain this year.

After months of planning and discussions with land owners the route for the 2015 ‘Welsh’ has been finalised. A more compact route with less road miles is the result.

Many thanks to the Central Wales Auto Club – the Knighton club have welcomed the event back to the Radnor forest. This used to be a very stern test each year. The fact that the Knighton enduro follows the Welsh in six weeks ensures the trail will be using trusted and solid ground.

A return to open hill routes has come as a result of direct co-operation with over 30 landowners. Organisers ask riders to please ‘stay away until the day’.

This also applies equally to the riders who store the route in GPS devices, returning with other riders post event. There is very little of the route that is a vehicular right of way, please remember this.

Once again, a high quality Championship class will ride each test twice, ensuring that the close competition seen last year will continue.

A healthy sidecar entry and the classic enduro championship runners bring a touch of nostalgia to the competition.

The Welsh 2 Day Enduro takes place midweek June 25/26.

For more information visit: https://welsh2dayenduro.com