We take a humorous insight into what these rider’s Enduro World Championship GP of Chile selfies are telling us…

Let’s face it, when it comes to keeping us socially updated, the majority of the EWC paddock ain’t too savvy. When the 2014 season ended back in October it’s been pretty much lights out for most, baring the odd awkward Christmas jumper wearing dinner table greeting.

So when our social media news feeds began to light up with a plethora of airport selfies and obligatory kit bag shots, we quickly figured out that it must be time for the new EWC season to begin.

Reading deeper into these posts, here’s what we feel these pre-EWC GP of Chile selfie posts are trying to tell us…

EWC-selfies 8553 n

Alex Salvini’s airport selfie was the first to hit our screens and admittedly it came as a major surprise. We had to double-check our calendar. Posted 10 days ago, Salvini was definitely ahead of the posse in the rush to Chile. Complete with not one or even two, but a whopping four kit bags indicates that he’s making a proper trip it. He’s packed enough kit and time into his trip to ensure he’ll be well acclimatised to the Chilean heat come race day. Heck, he’s now there that long he can consider applying for citizenship. Salvini means business.

EWC-selfies 07

Ah, the obligatory kit bag shot – Ivan Cervantes is a pro at keeping his sponsors happy. We like how he rolls here. The kit bag shot is perfect at including everyone you need to thank in one photo. Plus it’s also telling us that he’s ready to rock – short of an airplane ticket we now know it’s almost go time. Those with eagle eyes will also notice what appears to be a shoulder strap close to his boots. Injury might still be a factor of Cervantes.

EWC-selfies 344 n

There’s nothing quite like an early special test photo to tell us that you’re already there. Take that championship rivals. Mathias Bellino skipped the airport selfie and went straight for the big one with this. Posted Tuesday evening, Bellino is walking, walking, walking. He’s telling us he already knows where he’s going before everyone arrives. Back in EWC action after a knee injury, Bellino is chomping at the bit to get going in E3.

EWC-selfies 9830 n

Team Gas Gas – hell yeah! Taking a timeout mid special test, Jonathan Barragan bangs out a classic trackside selfie with his teammates. Gas Gas are at round one and they’re super pumped about it too. Judging by the dried up stick in his teammate’s mouth we can now expect some dusty conditions too. Though we feel he might want to work on his hand signals.

EWC-selfies 2702 n

Wow, three world champions in one shot sinking a cold one – each! Matt Phillips stylishly knocks it out of the park. This one hardly needs an explanation. Subliminally it’s telling us that these guys ain’t just ready, they’ve already got it won. Everyone else is already racing for second place. And that folks is how world champs roll.