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What We Want – EWC Rnd 1

What We Want – EWC Rnd 1
Enduro21.com is off to the 2014 EWC opener this weekend, having spent weeks thinking about who might do what in Solsona. Here’s a list of what we’d like to see at this weekend’s GP of Spain…
1. Christophe Nambotin’s ‘small bike’ debut. He’s proved time and time again that he’s got some serious skills when it comes to racing a 300cc two-stroke, but what’s Nambo’ going to be like on a 250f? Our guess is that he’ll be fast – really fast. Lucky enough to see him riding his new for 2014 quarter litre four-stroke during KTM’s pre-season shake down, there’s no doubt in our minds that the Frenchman will be a hard man to beat.

2. Samuli Aro to come out of retirement and mix things up in the Enduro 3 class! Not likely to happen we know, but we miss Big S at the races.

3. For some new talent to blow everyone away. It doesn’t happen all that often as enduros not an easy game for newcomers to master, but wouldn’t it been great if someone no one had heard of delivered some seriously impressive results in Spain? If it’s going to happen it’ll most likely be in the ‘junior’ ranks, but no matter where new names would certainly be welcome.

4. As little man-made terrain as possible. The SuperEnduro championship has finished now so ideally no man-made obstacles at all. Instead a focus on racing what Mother Nature provided us with would be nice – trees, rocks, mountains, rivers, etc.

6.enduro-test EWC-2013-Rnd-2 1350

5. Matt Phillips to podium first time out in Enduro 3. For the simple reason that it would be great to see a first year senior class rider get straight in the mix and challenge his more experienced class mates.

6. Cristobal Guerrero to start and finish a year without injury. Fast but fragile, Guerrero, let’s not forget, might well have topped the 2012 Enduro 2 World Championship if he hadn’t have dislocated his shoulder at the ISDE in Germany. His 2013 season was spoiled by a shoulder operation right before the EWC started. This time around Cristobal is fit, fast, and our guess is that he’s hungrier than ever to do good.

7. To see Ivan Cervantes win both days in Enduro 3 on a 300cc two-stroke, five years after toping the Enduro 3 class on both days at the series opener on a 500cc four-stroke.

8. For the Enduro 2 class battle to really deliver great year-long racing. Time and time again the E2 title fight has promised so much yet often failed to deliver. But not this year. In 2014 Alex Salvini, Antoine Meo, Pela Renet and Johnny Aubert (and a few others all being well) will trade wins on every day of the championship, with no riders suffering mechanical problems or injuries, ensuring a nail biting finale in France in September… fingers crossed.

alex.salvini EWC-2013-Rnd-7 0604

9. For the youngsters to keep on charging. Massively overshadowed by the senior classes, those competing in the junior and 125cc youth categories are the future of the championship, learning their trade as they go.

10. Antoine Meo to unexpectedly switch back to the Enduro 1 class… and announce that he’ll be racing a 125 all year…

antoine.meo EWC-2013-Rnd-7 1579