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What We Want – EWC Rnd 3

What We Want – EWC Rnd 3

The Enduro World Championship is back in action this weekend and this time we’re in Kalambaka, Greece for round three. Here’s a list of some of things we’ve like to see happen in Greece…

1. Johnny Aubert and Alex Salvini back up front in E2. Meo and Renet have had things mostly their own way up until now but that’s partly due to Aubert and Salvini both carrying injuries. By all accounts both are back to their best so let’s hope they come out swinging in Greece.

2. Someone to knock Cervantes off the top step in Enduro 3. We’re big Cervantes fans but so far Ivan’s had the better of everyone in E3. The three Matts – Phillips, Seistola and Bellino – have all led at some point but failed to make it stick. A new winner would spice things up…


3. No more injuries. The first two rounds of the series saw numerous riders pick up injuries. Numerous riders are either riding wounded or missing in action as a result.

4. Pela Renet to hold it all together! The Frenchman came close to winning in Portugal, but didn’t. With Antoine Meo bearing down on him he made mistakes and his day-two 12-second advantage turned into a four-second loss!

5. A safe Super Test. Last time the EWC visited Kalambaka young Finn Antti Hellsten was running away with the Enduro Junior championship. Then he crashed on an unsafe section of the Super Test – it’s always the youngsters that get it worst as they’re first on track – injured his shoulder, and subsequently never found his form of old again.

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6. Jonathan Barragan to put two good days together. A bit of a revelation in the E2 class, Barragan – the former MXGP rider – has adapted well to EWC life. However, it’s on day two that he’s delivered his best results so far. Day one results haven’t been as impressive… will that change in Greece?

7. Danny McCanney to keep his winning streak alive. It would be cool to see the Beta mounted Manxman remain unbeaten in the Enduro Junior ranks but we’re sure a motivated Giacomo Redondi and a healed up Loïc Larrieu will be out to stop him.

8. Christophe Nambotin to win the Scratch. C’mon let’s face it, Nambo currently owns the Enduro 1 class and unless someone steps it up or he falls down that isn’t going to change anytime soon. So let’s root for him to beat Meo, Renet and everyone else on his four banger!