Which green lane tyres, motocross tyres and trial tyres should you choose?

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  • Which green lane tyres, motocross tyres and trial tyres should you choose?

Which green lane tyres, motocross tyres and trial tyres should you choose?

If you are just starting to think about purchasing your first bike, whether you want to ride competitively or just as a hobby, you first need to know the basics.

If you are just starting to think about purchasing your first bike, whether you want to ride competitively or just as a hobby, you first need to know the basics. In this article, we will cover some of the types of off-road riding you can get into, the tyres you will need and also what some of our riders have been using since getting started.

What is trail riding?

Looking for something non-competitive, fun and don’t mind getting a bit muddy along the way? Trail riding (sometimes referred to as green laning) is a recreational sport using unsurfaced minor roads where there is still vehicle access.

Green laning will require you to have a few things:

  • A suitable bike – we’d recommend something lightweight or a big trail bike like a Honda Africa Twin or BMW GF obviously, it’s got to be road legal.
  • Road legal tyres

Which trail / green lane tyres should I use?

In most cases, you will be riding for long periods of time, on a variety of different terrains, so, you need green lane tyres that can cope with this.

At Endurotyres.com we have a few options which are both road legal;

  • Michelin Tracker – replacing the AC10 range earlier this year, the Tracker range is great for riders who require a road legal tyre that still has great off road capabilities. Trail riders are the Trackers main target rider and prices start from just £36. View the Tracker range here.
  • Michelin Enduro Medium – released in 2018, this range has taken the motorcycle world by storm, with most riders you speak to now using Mediums. They benefit from being long lasting and very effective on all terrains, making them extremely versatile. Pick them up from £50 here.
  • Anakee Wild / Anakee Adventure – planning some more hardcore rides? The Anakee Wild range or newer Anakee Adventure offers great performance and reliability. Take a look at the Anakee Wild tyres here and Anakee Adventure tyres here.

Our top tip for trail / green lane riders…

If you are not 100% sure you want to invest in getting the right gear yet, there are many groups around the UK that provide everything you need, the go-to trail riding group is the TRF, join your local group, this way you will also discover some of the best green roads and there won’t be the risk of ‘winging it’, doing something illegal and getting lost.

If you are local to our HQ in Salisbury, there are some great green lanes which we are happy to recommend, just give our team a call on 01723 344782.

Some rider advice

“About 5 years ago, I approached Enduro Tyres for advise and started using the Michelin Enduro Comp tyres. After a grueling 8 rounds of 2 days racing each event I secured a 3rd in class in the championship. The following year again on enduro comp tyres I finished 4th. They performed exceptionally on hardpack welsh fire roads, Scottish bogs, Yorkshire Moors and the slate and rocky hills of the Isle of Man. I think the most mileage I got out of an Enduro Medium was 1800 miles.  I find them great on any surface. Trail riding can find you on hardpack dry chalk, slippery wet chalk, deep mud, grass and wet or dry rocky or rock slap surfaces.

They perform on any surface I’ve used them on and they are fantastic and long lasting on the road as well. I have always used them with the Michelin Bib Mousse and have never had any issues with them. I also use the Rabaconda and can change a set of tyres on 5 minutes with it.” Andrew Sillence

What is trial riding?

Trial riding is generally a competitive sport (although you can do it for fun if you want), in which riders will be tested on their skill for various different obstacles and elements. It’s a non-speed event and takes a fair amount of practice and patience, you will need to have great balance and control. Fortunately, there are plenty of different levels available at a trial comp, so it’s suitable for all abilities.

Which trial tyres should I be using?

Having the right tyres for your bike is key to getting this sport right. You need something that is light and provides plenty of traction in mud, we would recommend the following:

  • Michelin X11
  • Michelin X-Light

Both these tyres are available as combo deals too, so you get to save some ££ and get everything you need in one order. Check them out here.  

Our top tips for trial riders…

Before jumping into your 1st competition, you need to be sure you are getting the basics right, as these will always stick with you as you get better and be essential for your riding technique.

  • Get your stance right – trial bikes don’t use seats, so you will be relying on getting your positioning and balance correct. Getting this right will take a lot of practice and you’ll need to have plenty of stamina.
  • It’s all about timing and control – as this isn’t a speed event, having full control over your bike isn’t easy. You’ll need to get your braking right and not take things too fast.  

Some rider advice

“I ride both modern and twin-shot bikes, I only use Michelin, it gives me total confidence and in trial riding you need that when attempting some tough sections.” – Matt sleep

What is motocross riding?

Also a competitive sport, motocross competitions are speed events in which riders will need to complete various laps of a course. You will need a lot of stamina, technical ability, mental strength and to be physically fit.  

Many of our supported motocross riders choose to use a Husqvarna, Yamaha or Suzuki bike for these competitions. Take a look at our Instagram page here for the latest updates and competitions results.

Which motocross tyres should I use?

Suitable for both adults and juniors, the Michelin Starcross range is the best choice of motocross tyres for riders. Available in soft, medium, hard, sand and junior, there is tonnes of choice, so you can equip your bike with exactly what you need.

View the full range of Starcross motocross tyres here.

“I started riding as a young kid, and I think it’s important for a beginner to stick to their lane when they’re being passed, for example, not trying to move out the way, a lot of the time they can end up in the way or worst case, get hurt. Everybody starts somewhere and MX is a great sport to get into.” – Ollie Cole, British MX rider

Need some direction?

The Enduro Tyres team are always on hand to provide support to new riders starting up, if you have any questions, give us a call on 01723 344782 or visit our other blog posts. We regularly review the latest products or give our thoughts on the latest releases.