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Who are Endurotyres?

Whether you discovered us whilst at an event, through a mutual rider friend, via the internet or the old fashioned way of spotting us in one of the moto magazines,

Whether you discovered us whilst at an event, through a mutual rider friend, via the internet or the old fashioned way of spotting us in one of the moto magazines, it’s safe to say that the Endurotyres name is reaching far and wide. So for all the Endurotyres newbies, we thought we would strip it back to where it all started and explain a bit more about who we really are!

We’re riders…

First and foremost, we’re riders, we’re not one of those businesses that are just trying to flog anything and everything because we know it’s a good industry to be in, our business started from a small team of us just having a huge passion for the sport and grew into the empire (if that’s what you want to call it) that it is today.

This is why we have a strict ‘no work on weekends’ policy because we don’t want to take our staff away from the all-important tracks, trails and competitions.

Our team includes both moto and MTB riders and we’ve all been massive Michelin fans since our first bikes when we were just kids, so it seemed like an obvious venture all those years ago.

We have a strong customer service ethos

5 stars across the board is no mean feat and we can only achieve this through the dedication from our team here. We take our customers’ journeys very seriously, including:

  • Our product knowledge – not to toot our own horn but it’s pretty good so whether you call us for a quick chat or spend the time browsing our site, you should have everything you need!
  • The product options – we carefully select which products are displayed on our website and always try to keep on top of stock so what you see is what you get.
  • We’ve aced our delivery service – it may have taken a bit of trial and error, but from customer feedback, it seems like we’ve got it spot on now. In most cases, if you order Monday – Friday, you will receive your delivery the next working day!
  • Super simple online website – Our products are displayed in the corresponding categories which are easy to find and search on the website, whilst also explaining all the technical features you may want to know. If something is out of stock, you can simply join a waiting list which will give you real-time updates of when it’s available.

Don’t believe us? Check out our Trustpilot page or Facebook page for the proof!

We’re committed to the best products

We don’t want to be one of these online shops that sell a bit of everything, we test and trial every product (it’s a great perk of the job), so whether you’re buying a new Enduro tyre, a Rabaconda, or a small accessory for your mountain bike, you can have the assurance that it’s tried and tested by our team.

This is why we are so dedicated to Michelin, we’ve dabbled in other brands of tyres before, but never do we see the same performance from other tyres as we do Michelin so it was a no brainer for us.

To name a few, here are some other brands that we are committed to:

  • Rabaconda – a long-standing favourite of ours, the Rabaconda really does make tyre changing so easy. The fact we are THE UK reseller of Rabaconda says something; plus to date, we’ve sold over 4000 of them!
  • CushCore – a firm favourite for our MTB customers, and relatively new in the grand scheme of things. The CushCore excels in technology to improve the performance of your tyres.
  • Motion Pro – accessories we wouldn’t head to any event without, these are always in our toolbag.

Always the best prices

Overpricing our tyres… we’re not about that life, we want you to buy Michelin and the accessories we have on offer because we believe it’s the best so for that reason, we never charge you more than you should pay for your tyres.

In fact, you’ll even find some extremely great deals on our website if you look out for the combo packages. These are carefully curated by our team to ensure that you get everything you need all in one package and save you money at the same time.

We support riders who show a dedication to the sport and our business

You support us, we support you, that’s how we work. We’ve loved seeing our customers turn into genuine ambassadors for our brand.

Every year we select a few riders on both the moto and MTB side that we want to support. Kitting them out with some of the best Michelin products and then watching them place on podiums really does make it all worth it and just proves that hard work paired with the best products really does get you far!

In fact, the first rider we supported, Daryl Bolter, is still on board with us to this day and has been since 2001.

We’re family-run

We’ve come a long way since setting up Endurotyres in the late 90s, but back then it was something very different, there was none of this online modern technology we have today. But one thing that has stayed constant is family ethos. Despite growing year on year, we still have the main man himself packing your orders when we need him to.

So join the team and shop online at Endurotyres.com

Sound like something you want to get involved in? We’d love to have you on board. Start by browsing our website and if you have any technical questions that we’ve not answered online, give us a call on 01723 344782 or email us at office@endurotyres.com.

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