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Why Enduro Tyres use Michelin for their off road tyres

It’s no secret that here at Enduro Tyres we are massive fans of Michelin, we use them for our bikes and cars, and their innovation within the industry is certainly second to none. So, what exactly is it that makes us choose Michelin for our off road tyres?  


Michelin was first founded in 1889 in France and then came to the UK in 1905, that’s more than 110 years of tyres! Regardless of whether that’s off road tyres or car tyres, they know what they are doing and they don’t seem to be slowing down either!  


Michelin is a brand that’s built around quality products and we can’t deny this. Every new release excels the last and whilst change can scare people, the latest M14 Bib Mousse and the 2018 Michelin Mediums have been testament to this statement.

Changing something so well known and trusted can be a tricky challenge, but we immediately knew both releases would be well worth the fear and have definitely been a popular choice amongst our customers – the feedback has been amazing.


As Enduro enthusiasts, we push tyres to their limits, our off road tyres are used regularly, both competitively, whilst training or just having fun. Off road tyres by Michelin never seem to disappoint when it comes to their performance, and whilst we think we are pretty good at what we do, it’s the tyres that get us the medals!

Tried, tested & trusted

We’ve been doing this for long enough to know a good tyre brand when we see one, that’s why we’ve tried and tested every new launch before selling to the public (it’s also a great excuse to try some new tracks and get out of the office!). We think our customers deserve to buy from a company that they can relate to, one which they can go to for advice not just a one-way transaction.

Buy from Enduro Tyres and you will join the increasing family of supporters, followers and fanatics of the Motocross world.

Want further advice?

As the UK’s leading supplier for everything Michelin, Enduro Tyres are a one-stop shop for all things off road tyres and accessories. From Michelin Bib Mousse to the latest Enduro Mediums and the popular Anakee Wilds, we’ve got it all and at competitive prices too!

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