Michelin Motorcycle Tyre Review of dirt bike tyre ranges

Why Michelin Motorcycle Tyres?

The supremacy of Michelin tyres

Michelin is one of the most recognisable names in the motorcycle tyre industry, Michelin are the market leaders when it comes to dirt bike tyres but why are they so widely favoured? This is the Michelin motorcycle tyre review from the team at Endurotyres.com.

When you purchase any Michelin motorcycle tyres you are buying a tyre of the highest quality. All Michelin tyres are suitable for every dirt bike rider, from occasional to professional. Each range is specifically tailored to various racing conditions, be it the excellent high speed stability of the Desert Race range or the Maximised Contact Patch casing of the Trial Comp range that allows the bike to easily overcome obstacles.

Alan Ranger: Endurotyres MD

There’s no question in my mind, Michelin tyres are the very best. We’ve tested and used almost all brands of off road motorcycle tyres available and nothing compares to the constant quality of Michelin motorcycle tyres and Bib Mousse. In all off road disciplines from a riders perspective you can purchase the exact same tyre that is used by the factory teams.

Michelin tyres dates and statistics

  • 1982 – Desert tyre designed by Michelin and wins Paris-Dakar rally, the 1st of continuous victories for 32 years.
  • Numerous MX/Enduro/Trial World Championship titles.
  • At Ladoux – heart of Michelin research and innovation there are 20 test tracks and 450 hectare of surface to rigorously test all Michelin tyres to ensure they are always the highest of standards.

Riders trust Michelin motorcycle tyres

We are not alone in thinking that these tyres are superior. Such is the quality of the brand, it is almost impossible to measure the success of Michelin tyres in both domestic and World Championships. Over the years, numerous riders who choose Michelin have achieved greatness. Toni Bou has had enormous success in Trial World Championships using Michelin Trial Comp tyres and in the Paris-Dakar rally, bikes using Michelin tyres have been on the podium for every race since the event started.

Types of Michelin tyres

We supply tyres from a number of Michelin dirt bike tyre ranges. The ranges available from Endurotyres.com are:

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