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Why the Michelin Enduro Mediums have been our 2022 bestseller

Another year down, and despite the Enduro Mediums being around for a while now, they are still our number-one bestselling tyre and stock quite literally, flies off our shelves as soon as they arrive. But why are they so popular? With so many other Michelin ranges available and a lot of different tyre brands on the market, what makes the Enduro Mediums the go-to for many riders?

Used by all riders, whatever the ability 

Regardless if you’re new to enduro riding, compete professionally or just ‘do it for fun’, Enduro Mediums really hit the spot for the ability of every rider, there are some tyres (for example the Michelin Xtrem), which you probably wouldn’t touch without the experience behind you, but the Mediums really are for everyone. 

They come in various compounds, to suit your riding style 

The Michelin Enduro Medium in both front and rear is clearly the favourite, but it also comes in hard. This is more popular in summer when the ground is harder and drier, so is more ‘terrain specific’, because of this, it won’t wear out so quickly and is a popular choice when riding abroad.

They’re OE for many bike manufacturers

OE (original equipment) quite literally means that the tyre is designed for that bike, which proves their success when Michelin Mediums are used on so many bikes as OE. Sherco and Husqvarna are just a few.

They’re all over the forums 

Head over to any enduro forum, the KTM forum is our favourite, and you will be bombarded with recommendations of the Enduro Mediums. Whilst you may see some other brands popping up, the majority will push you towards the Michelin Mediums. 

Nothing compares in terms of longevity and performance 

The Michelin technology used within these tyres is incredible, and they have really perfected this to make the longevity and performance extreme. 

They are a worldwide favourite 

In the recent British classes, clubman, pro, ladies etc, Michelin Enduro Mediums won every single one, which is just a testament to itself really – need we say anymore? 

They’re competitively priced for what you get out of them 

They’re market leaders for a reason, so yes you could pick up another tyre brand and try to convince us it’s better, but when ridden,  the performance just can’t be compared. Whenever we get the stock in, it sells out pretty quickly, so invest when you can and bulk buy! 

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The compatibility with Bib Mousse makes them a frontrunner

These tyres are made for the Bib Mousse, and when you have this combination of tyres and mousse, you’re sure to succeed, take it from us! Here at Endurotyres, we make it super easy to know which Bib Mousse you need, with every size added to the product online. If you have any questions, head to our FAQ page or give us a call at 01723 344782

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If you can catch your size in stock, then head over to the checkout page and join thousands of riders opting to use the Michelin Enduro Medium tyres, you won’t regret it! 

If you find it’s not in stock, then don’t worry, we announce all our stock drops via our Facebook and Instagram pages. Plus, you can join the product waiting list to be the first to know as soon as it’s back online. There’s no excuse to miss out! 

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*Photo credit to John Tristan Young