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Why you should go tubeless with your off road mountain bike tyres

Tubeless tyre technology has been around for a few years now, and has saved many riders from puncture nightmares, but people are still choosing to opt for standard inner tubes and then moan about their performance… so why go tubeless with your mountain bike tyres?

This article outlines the benefits of tubeless tyres, the best on the market and how you can get your hands on them with speedy next day delivery from Endurotyres.com.

What does tubeless mean?

Many mtb tyres have been tubeless for some time now and the performance levels are far more superior than when using inner tubes, plus you can use it with the excellent tyre suspension system, CushCore. Tubeless means that you’ll use a puncture-proof tyre sealant as opposed to inner tubes.

What are the benefits of tubeless technology?

Fewer punctures

Probably the main reason many of our riders are choosing to go tubeless is the fact that the number of punctures you’ll get will significantly reduce.

A lighter ride

This doesn’t take to much guesswork, but by replacing your standard inner tube with a tubeless alternative, you are taking off a fair bit of weight from your bike, and lighter bike = faster laps.

Ride on much lower PSIs

Tubeless-ready tyres allow you to ride on a much lower tyre pressure, in fact as low as 10-20 PSI, providing you with exceptional grip during your whole ride.

They’re super simple to fit

Like most things, it may take you a couple of tries to get right, but in no time at all you’ll be fitting your tubeless technology in minutes. If you do a lot of biking, you’ll be saving time as you won’t need to replace them as often as a standard inner tube, so more time on the trail. It’s a win-win!

In the long run, going tubeless will save you money

Think about all those inner tubes you’ve been buying over the years, whether you go for the most basic £10 tube or opt for the more pricey ones, chances are, if you are out and about a lot, they don’t last you that long. Whilst tubeless technology is generally more expensive, the time you will save and the number of rides you’ll get out of them will all save you ££ in the long run!

Where can I buy tubeless tyres & which off road mountain bike tyres should I use?

Endurotyres.com stocks a wide range of off road mountain bike tyres that are used by both beginners, experts and professionals, our team riders rave about the benefits of the Michelin tyres that we stock due to the reliability, durability and flexibility they offer, meaning they are suitable for many different terrains including wet, dry and sand.

Michelin Wild Enduro

This is the most popular choice by far. Head down to any local comps and you’re likely to find many of the riders sporting this downhill mountain bike tyre.

The Michelin Wild Enduro can be used with all tubeless technology including the CushCore suspension system which you can find here.

As the go-to tubeless tyre, it is hugely versatile, meaning you won’t need to change your as often on different terrains.

If you are looking for further advice on tubeless technology or more suitable tyres that we stock online, give our mountain bike team a call on 01723 344782 or email us on office@endurotyres.com. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest updates from our riders and new mountain bike products we’ve got coming up!

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