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Winter Riding Survival Guide

Whether you’re a greenlaner, trial riding, enduro rider, mountain biker, BMXer or motocross rider, we bet that no amount of rain or cold will keep you off your bike for

Whether you’re a greenlaner, trial riding, enduro rider, mountain biker, BMXer or motocross rider, we bet that no amount of rain or cold will keep you off your bike for long! But… When it comes to riding in autumn and winter, there are a few extra things you need to consider that you probably won’t have thought about for the last 6 months. 

Whilst the UK doesn’t get hit too hard with extreme conditions, it can have an effect on your riding if proper precautions aren’t taken. So, here’s the Endurotyres winter survival guide to get you through the next few months until the warmer days return! 

Storing your bike and tyres

We’d like to think that you will be storing your precious bike and tyres suitably all year round, but let’s just go back to basics with this one. After all, the last thing you’ll want is to grab your bike thinking you’ll take it for a spin, only to find that it’s become damaged! 

Unfortunately, for those of us living in the UK, wet and cold winters are nothing new! So bear this in mind as dampness and cold conditions can really play havoc with your motorcycle (you can be a little bit less cautious with your MTB, but still take note). So here are our tips: 

  • Keep it indoors if possible – we’re not saying leave it in the middle of your lounge but a locked garage or shed should do the job. Keep it away from windows or drafty spots near doors. 
  • Keep it off the ground – if the tyres are left stationary for a long period of time they can become misshapen, so try to keep the bike lifted or ensure you are rotating the tyres regularly. 
  • Do a full health check beforehand – ideally, you won’t be leaving your bike unused for too long, as this can dry up the liquids such as brake fluid, oil, fuel etc. 
  • Give it a good clean – you don’t want to leave any mud or dirt on your bike, as if left for a long time, it could wear away the paintwork – Make sure you dry it fully afterwards too. 
  • Cover it up! 

Using and wearing the right gear

You’ll definitely need to switch up your riding gear for this time of year (not just for seasonal fashion reasons!), and this counts for both moto and cycle riders. 

  • Tyres – these are what will really keep you going through winter. The right tyres can make a world of difference and keep you safe when you’re tackling particularly tricky muddy, wet or snowy conditions. For moto riders, you may want to think about getting new tyres rather than reusing slightly worn ones, you want as much grip as you can get. For MTBers, Michelin has released specific tyres built to suit each terrain and riding style. For example, there is Michelin Mud (for muddy terrains). 
  • Invest in the right clothing – Ok, this may sound like an obvious one, but you need to dress for the weather and quite frankly shorts and a tee won’t cut it in November. You need to keep warm and protect yourself, so think about wearing knee braces and pads (we would recommend the Pod Active range which we stock online here). You also will want the following (especially if you’re green laning, or on a road-legal bike): 
  • Waterproof thick jacket 
  • Gloves – don’t go cheap on these 
  • Reflective gear – don’t forget how short the days are now! 
  • Baselayers

Out on the road and trails

Whether you’re still competing locally, nationally or around the world, hopefully, you’re not just a fairweather rider and you enjoy getting out all year round. Remember the following: 

  • Plan your route – (this is more aimed at green laners or those riders who would usually just go off ‘on a jaunt’). As the days are shorter and it gets dark by 4pm, this will become important. You don’t want to be riding on an unknown route in the pitch black!
  • Check your lights – another obvious one but so important! 
  • Install a Bib Mousse or CushCore – before heading out, make sure you have installed your Michelin Bib Mousse (moto) or CushCore (cycle) to avoid those pesky punctures. We would always recommend these over the traditional inner tubes and have been using them for years now. 
  • Warm tyres offer more grip – the temperature can hugely impact the grip on tyres, so on a cold day do a bit of a warm-up ride before going hard on the trails. 

Shop at Endurotyres for your winter riding tyres

Don’t forget, we are the UK’s number for Michelin off road tyres and stock a wide range of tyres and accessories for moto and cycle riders, some of our bestsellers include: 

Enjoy getting muddy! And as always, if you have any questions or need any advice, our team loves nothing more than a good chat about all things Moto, MTB & BMX. Call us on 01723 344782 or email