Michelin Bib-Mousse Review. Includes gel & Bib-Up Spray

No more flats – Michelin Bib-Mousse

Michelin Bib Mousse Review

Bib-Mousse was invented by Michelin in the early 1980’s, primarily to prevent punctures for riders competing in the Paris Dakar event.

Since then Bib-Mousse has been on every podium at the Dakar since 1982, that’s 32 victories in all! Bib-mousse was soon adopted by riders competing in Enduro/Cross Country/MX, frequently being used in off road disciplines when you are particularly likely to get a puncture that could cost you the race.

comp 3 rip (1)

“Having taken a slice out of my rear Michelin Comp 3 at the 2015 Welsh 2 day Enduro I went on to win the over 50’s class. After the competition I removed the Bib-Mousse and placed it into another tyre; that same Bib-Mousse from the sliced tyre competed in a number of further events.” Mr P. Armstrong


Sizing & Versatility

We list the recommended Mousse size/Model code on our website alongside the relevant tyre size. In some conditions a rider may choose to run a smaller diameter Mousse (or an older worn mousse)  to replicate a lower/softer pressure.

Michelin Mousse can be used in any type of tyre but may not fit well, resulting in friction and increased wear. For this reason we suggest pairing Michelin Bib-Mousse with Michelin tyres to give you the best results for both performance and endurance.

Please feel free to call us for advice as we know the appropriate set-up for most tracks and venues throughout the UK.


Bib Mousse can be a tricky item to fit, particularly for a first time user. At Endurotyres we import the excellent and efficient Rabaconda Mousse changer that is regarded as the best on the market. Virtually all the factory teams use this product and even a novice can install a Bib-Mousse in under ten minutes using a Rabaconda changer. Friction is the worst enemy of a Bib–Mousse and can drastically shorten its lifespan; sustained high speed road riding causes a massive amount of friction so should be avoided.

Top Tip from the technicians

We advise that you only use genuine Michelin Mousse gel as other products have caused shrinkage issues in the past. A full tube of Mousse gel should be used per tyre, it will provide anti-friction that extends the life of the mousse. Be careful not to get the gel anywhere near the tyre bead as this product does not dry out and will cause the tyre to slip on the rim.”

Tyre Levers & Bib-Up Bead Lube

We stock the Michelin levers, in fact we offer a Bib Mousse service kit which includes all you need: Levers/Gel/Bib-up/Bolt in Valves etc. Bib–Up Spray is a modern version of the old tyre paste in a bucket. The Bib-Up Spray is far more convenient, particularly if you are trackside, as it can be tucked away in your Rabaconda Bag with the Tyre levers.

Tubeless Valves

Sometimes even a brand new Michelin Bib-Mousse will not seat properly on the rim. To save this we suggest that you use our Stainless steel tubeless valves. These go in the redundant inner tube hole and prevent water and dirt ingress, whilst enabling you to give a quick blast of air to seat the bead.

Further advice and buying

If you want expert advice or to purchase any Michelin Bib-Mousse products either:

Call us on: 01980 65-55-55. Or come and see us at: Bulford Road, Durrington, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 8DL

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