KX Knee Sleeve


Take your performance to the next level by using these new KX Knee Sleeve by Pod Active! Enhance your performance, comfort and recovery with the brand new KX Knee Sleeves. These have been designed for extra comfort by featuring flatlock stitching and moisture wicking fabric. These are best used with the other products in our range, find them here! Sold as a pair.

    The KX knee sleeves enhance support and comfort while reducing any possible abrasion. All you need to do is focus on the track, the Pod Active range will do the rest for you! These extra long knee sleeves fold over the brace to cover the top and bottom, in order to prevent slipping.  Velcro straps have been added to avoid catching on pant liners.

    Benefits of KX Knee Sleeve:

    • Compression sleeves enhance comfort and support while reducing possible abrasion
    • Flatlock stitching for extra comfort
    • Anti-Slip silicon grippers under the top and bottom band, aid in gripping the frame of the brace and keeping the sleeve in place
    • Extra long sleeves that fold over the brace to prevent slipping and cover top and bottom velcro straps to avoid catching on pant liners
    • Moisture-wickingPod Active motocross knee brace sizing chart fabric

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