Looking for Motocross knee braces? Shop Pod Active at Enduro Tyres

Looking for Dirtbike & Motocross knee braces? Shop the Pod Active range at Enduro Tyres

We’ve built up our 5-star reputation by being a dedicated tyre shop, not a traditional MX shop, and if we are completely honest, we would rather drink our own bath water than mess about selling clothing (apart from our limited edition tees), goggles & gloves… But, we make an exception with the Pod Active knee braces as not only do we rely on these, but our riders do too. We are so impressed with this brand of motocross knee braces that we truly believe they are the best on the market.

In this article, we look at the different options of motocross knee braces available, why we would recommend them and how you can get your hands on them for your next motocross event.

Did you know the knee braces are super versatile, so can be used for all dirtbike sports as well as other sports such as skiing, snowboarding, horse riding, mountain bike, surfing and lots more? 

Why should you wear motocross knee braces?

When it comes to high impact sports such as motocross and enduro racing, keeping your body in top form should be one of your highest priorities. You wouldn’t go on the track without a helmet to protect your head, so why leave your knees and joints open to injury?

Why do we recommend the Pod Active range of dirtbike / motocross knee braces?

There are definitely cheaper options available on the market, but in our experience, the quality just doesn’t seem to match that of the Pod Active knee braces.

Every product that Pod Active creates is designed with the rider in mind, and each motocross knee brace is available in a variety of sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for you.

Here are a few reasons we choose Pod Active


We’d almost go as far to say that these motocross knee braces are unbreakable, quite the statement we know… but everyone who’s tried these braces hasn’t looked back. The knee braces use a forged carbon frame which comes with a 5-year guarantee, plus the hinges are engineered to be 5x stronger than steel!


The Pod Active knee braces use technology that most other braces can’t even compare too. The Human Motion™ technology used on the hinges are ultra shock-absorbing and are modified to break the impact.

Multi-sport use

Most people buying the Pod Active knee braces from Enduro Tyres will be using them predominantly for motocross and endurance events, but they are not just for bike sports, they are a popular choice for any other active and high impact sports.

Which Pod Active knee braces are available to buy online?

We stock all 3 Pod Active knee braces, with the most popular being the K8 and K4, which are available to buy online with next day delivery. For now, the Youth braces can be purchased over the phone, just get in contact by calling 01980 655555.


Redesigned in 2019, this brand new motocross knee brace is setting a new standard. With a lightweight and slim design, the K8 brace has been medically approved and features a QuickLoc Clip system allowing you to anchor the brace around your leg quicker and easier.

Purchase the K8 Pod Active knee braces here.


Made of lightweight Carbon Polymer construction, weighing in at just 620grams, the K4 knee brace is the perfect blend of performance, function and affordability. The adaptive cuffs adapt to your muscle movements for optimum comfort and reliability.

Purchase the K4 Pod Active knee braces here.


Designed specifically for youth riders, the K1 knee brace introduces a ‘grow system’ that uses interchangeable cuffs with matching frame liners to enable one common frame set to meet the growing needs of the younger riders from the ages of 10-15 years.

Learn more about the Youth Pod Active knee braces here.

How do I know which size to go for?

This is a question we get asked a lot, the motocross knee braces are available in various sizes, so we would always advise you measure your knee before purchasing as the performance of the knee braces relies a lot on getting the right fit. Use the guide below…

Small – 29 – 34cm

Medium / Large – 34 – 38cm

Extra large –  38 – 42cm

Are any knee brace accessories available online?

Yes, we also stock the following products within the Pod Active range…

Pod Active Knee Brace Bag

Protect your knee brace in style with this specially designed bag from Pod! The brace bag includes a hard top for ultimate protection, a sleek design and is suitable for all POD knee braces.

Purchase the Pod Active brace bag here (or, get it free when you purchase a knee brace!).

Pod Active Sleeve

Enhance your performance, comfort and recovery with the brand new KX Knee Sleeves. These have been designed for extra comfort by featuring flatlock stitching and moisture-wicking fabric, which are best used when paired with the Pod Active knee braces.

Purchase the knee brace sleeve here.

Shop knee braces online today…

Take a look at the full range of Pod Active knee braces online today here. If you would like more information on the motocross knee braces, or would like to discuss sizing further, get in touch with our team who can answer any of your questions. Call us on 01980 655555 or email office@endurotyres.com.

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