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Reviewing the Michelin Anakee Adventure trail tyres

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We recently started stocking the Michelin Anakee Adventure trail tyres online, and since they were released in January we’ve been busy trialing them out, pushing them to their limits, and

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We recently started stocking the Michelin Anakee Adventure trail tyres online, and since they were released in January we’ve been busy trialing them out, pushing them to their limits, and have also heard some great things from some of our riders.

So, before we get into our full review of the newest trail tyre around, here’s some of the technical info, just in case you are unsure if the Michelin Anakee Adventure is the tyre for you.

Who’s the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyre ideal for?

This new tyre range has been created for those riders that will be doing 80% road riding and 20% track/trail riding.

Chosen specifically by BMW for the new R1250 GS model, the Anakee Adventure tyres will suit larger, heavier style bikes, but can also be fitted to lighter bikes too, making them extremely versatile.

Is the Anakee Wild range going to continue?

Yes! The 2 ranges sit completely separate to each other, with the Wild range being more of a 50/50 road & off road. Both are Adventure tyres suitable for road and track riding, but their differences allow them to stand alone and attract a different kind of rider.

What sizes are the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres available in?

Michelin has released the new tyre in both front and rear, and it’s advised that you always use them as a pair. Both front and rear tyres come in 3 different sizes:

Anakee Adventure Front Tyre

Anakee Adventure Rear Tyre

The extensive sizing options available mean that you can get the right tyre for your bike and style of riding.

MD of Enduro Tyres, Alan Ranger reviewed his recent trip using the Anakee Adventure tyres…

I was lucky enough to attend the recent Michelin Anakee Adventure tyre test in the Scottish borders. Michelin teamed up with BMW Motorrad Central Edinburgh who supplied a fleet on GS Adventure bikes with a Mix of Anakee Wild, and Anakee Adventure tyres.

The riders were split into two groups of six, and my group was taken in a Landrover out to the  Shiplaw MX track. Having ridden MX / Trials and Enduro from the age of 10, I wasn’t particularly fazed until I spotted the 280KG Bavarian beasts lined up ready for us to ride. I’ve ridden a few big road bikes over the years but for whatever reason never sat on a BMW boxer! So, with the frost beginning to melt on the MX track and the reality of the first rider out, my attention was focused!

The Motorrad guys said to swap the bikes over all day to get a feel for them all, luckily my bike was equipped with off road Anakee Wilds, these are a 50/50 road/off road tyre (the Adventure is 80/20) so 80% on road 20% off. I felt surprisingly confident on this huge bike. My normal off road bike is a Husqvarna FE350 on Michelin Enduro Mediums which is classed as a big bike in race circles, in comparison, felt like a BMX!

After following the Motorrad Instructors around for a sighting lap, I was tuning my self in for the big GS and it felt surprisingly good, I was even getting some air on the tabletop jumps with small earth tremors resulting on the landings!       

After a few laps, I swapped over to a bike shod with the more road bias Michelin Anakee Adventures and took it a lot more easily for obvious reasons. Now, I don’t suppose many people are going to spend 12k plus on a Big Adventure bike such as a KTM Adventure / Honda Africa Twin/ Moto Guzzi V85/ BMW GS and take it to local MX track or enter a club enduro? But if you did, I can confidently say the Anakee Adventure tyres can handle this terrain with comparative ease. Gravel byways and forest fire roads can be ridden at high speed and the bikes feel so stable.

After lunch we went for a 100-mile road ride scenic loop with a coffee stop half way to swap bikes, if I am honest, riding on the road bores the pants off me! But, I fell in love with the big 1250 GS HP, Heated grips / big screen 130 odd BHP, it just gobbled up the miles with so much ease and for someone who’s never sat on one before, I was really pushing on in the corner and noticed some big numbers on the speedometer. At this point, I thought let’s calm this thing down Mr Ranger, and I sat back and admired the stunning view, which is what these adventure bikes are all about!

Purchase the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres at Enduro Tyres

We are currently stocking all 6 sizes of the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres. Don’t forget – you will get next day delivery as standard, so as long as you order before 1pm on Thursday, you can get them for the weekend! Purchase the Michelin Anakee Adventure tyres.

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